3 years.

for our 3rd anniversary, edgar and i went to the newly opened Adventure Cove at Sentosa for water activities. it is a water theme park and the key highlights of the theme park were the Rainbow Reef and the Adventure River. the rainbow reef is where you can snorkel and see fishes in the water […]


one thing that I truly regret about after graduating is that while studying, i didn’t even managed to pick up any photoshop skill, despite being in that fluffy project heavy environment. not to mention, my major was actually marketing! Photoshop is pretty important in this arena huh? therefore, i have decided to pick up photoshop […]

stomach flewwwww

so i’m back from Taiwan. Both mum and i had been scrambling to the toilet on the last few days of the trip as well as upon reaching back home. we both got stomach flu. probably from some unclean food that we both ate and my sis was lucky enough to skip on. have never […]

First (or not so first) post

Hello world (mainly to myself) since this is a new blog. Anyway this isnt my first blog, ive tried blogging for 5 years previously but took a really long break and ive also tried to create a shared blog with my boyfriend. We both kinda struggled to post regularly in that blog. Maybe cause once […]