one thing that I truly regret about after graduating is that while studying, i didn’t even managed to pick up any photoshop skill, despite being in that fluffy project heavy environment. not to mention, my major was actually marketing! Photoshop is pretty important in this arena huh?

therefore, i have decided to pick up photoshop while i am yet jobless. i’ve been looking up on youtube for photoshop tutorials but i cannot seem to find a tutorial that teaches people to put different objects together on a page!! hence i reckon, why not just try putting different objects on diff layers and see what happens! And tadah! The image above happened… Haha on hindsight, my search term on youtube now seems rather stupid. lol. it’s pretty easy. And I’m pretty proud though it’s something rather simple.

So while i’m at it, i might as well start sharing my shopping list – ABCS! All the items on the image are from asos, and they are kinda on my wishlist now!

from the top left hand corner, going clockwise.

scarf, turbanbikini, heels, dress, concealer, foundation

the rimmel wake me up foundation and concealer have been hugely raved by my favourite youtube makeup artist, Tanya Burr. too bad, rimmel is no longer available in singapore 😦 hence since i saw these on asos, im thinking i might be getting them online! 🙂


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