If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

Over the weekend, we headed to Sentosa to try out the iFly indoor sky diving. Got a groupon deal for it and it was actually my belated Christmas present from Edgar. 🙂

iFlyers for the day










Us with our flying cert 🙂

I would admit that I was pretty nervous prior to my flight. To the extent that I was kinda trembling. I always become timid right before something is about to happen; just like when we went to the Wavehouse last year to try surfing.

We got to try two rounds, each lasting about 45s-1min. Was by no means long, but fun throughout. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind going again in the future to try different stunts haha.

I’m very happy that Edgar and I have been trying out different activities though. It definitely helps the relationship by building special memories together. Also, I think it somewhat helps me to become more adventurous in activities. I always hate riding on roller coasters. And maybe, just maybe, through going for activities like such, I might one day be brave enough to take the roller coaster willingly, or even to try the real sky diving. 🙂


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