HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (in advance)

Edgar brought me to the Quincy Hotel last weekend to celebrate my upcoming birthday on the 23rd of January. I turn 21 this year. 😀 😀 There is a weekend promotion going on.


It was a rainy day, all day long. Nonetheless we had fun; baking cupcakes, watching movies on my trusty macbook, eating, roaming around Orchard, swimming, and going to the sauna. Essentially we spent 24h together side by side and I loved it!

^Promotion includes meals (lunch, dinner, next day breakfast).
^Prepping for our complimentary baking class from the hotel

^Free recipe!!
^Mummy bringing her child to hotel for a staycation too!
^Next up, piping class! 
^Had a mini competition with rest of the baking class participants on producing the most nicely decorated cupcake 
^Here’s us with our decorated cupcakes and the mango puree cupcakes that we baked from scratch. 

^Had a mini celebration for all the January babies who went to the hotel to celebrate their birthdays.
^Last picture before we left the hotel. 
On the side note, my camera lens is really dirty. Need to get it cleaned asap. 
**imported the posts from blogger and it seems that my images have become super low res upon import. 😦

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