Les Misérables

First heard this musical 2 years back when I was visiting London. Heard that the shows always get packed and indeed when Edgar and I tried to buy the tickets to the show, only the standing spaces were left. Didn’t had the opportunity to watch it back then so when we heard that it’s gonna be filmed into a movie, I was thrilled!!

Went to the cinema to watch it on New Year’s Day and in my opinion it didn’t disappoint! As a crybaby, I obviously cried at many parts of the movie.

What touched me the most throughout the whole show was the theme of God’s grace apparent in Jean Valjean’s life. A life that he himself thought of as hopeless was a life irrevocably changed because of someone who was willing to give him a second chance in life. I pray that I’ll be able to be used by God in such a way too, that I can look pass the trespasses of others and see God’s hand at work.

Next, watching the young men fighting for revolution also reminded me of the poor Indian lady who unfortunately passed away a few days ago upon suffering under the hands of the 6 men. The young French men had to fight for their freedom to stop slavery in France and likewise the Indians are currently fighting for the rights of the ladies to be protected from rape.

I feel very blessed to be me. To be born in where I was born (Singapore :D:D). To have all that I have. To have a God that loves me so much. I have so much to be thankful for. This is such a great New Year’s Day! 🙂


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