stomach flewwwww

so i’m back from Taiwan.

Both mum and i had been scrambling to the toilet on the last few days of the trip as well as upon reaching back home. we both got stomach flu. probably from some unclean food that we both ate and my sis was lucky enough to skip on.

have never puked so much since from teenage days i think. interestingly while puking, this idea was conceived in my mind…..

if pregnancy morning sickness is the same as the throwing up that i had to endure yesterday, then i don’t want to be pregnant in the future! i can’t imagine how much torture i’ll have to go through daily to have a baby grow in my body. i actually shared my thought with edgar and like you have imagine, he didn’t like the idea.

im on a liquid diet, plain food diet now.. friends with 100+ and plain bread. really needing my body to recover before i fly off to Bangkok with 2 friends this coming Thursday!


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