Resolutions for 2013

1. keeping my room clean and tidy

truthfully speaking, i’ve been a messy monster since my teenage years. i vaguely remember being a neat freak in primary sch where i’ll be super pissed of if any of my items were not in order or if i accidentally folded a corner of the page in my book. and then once i gone on to sec sch, i stopped being neat. haha why oh why i have no idea. and it bugs me to hell everyday that my room is in such a mess. but im also kind of used to this mess. thus new year right, this bad habit of mine has to GOOOOOOOO!!!!

2. writing a journal regularly

well i think writing a journal helps to keep you accountable. yeapp… a life has to be accountable.

3.  be punctual

a friend shared with me that to be on time, is to be late. so in order to be on time, is to be early. i’ll try!

4. regular exercises

the last time i was regularly exercising was back when i was still in jc and had to have 2 sessions of 1h pe lessons each week. post jc, i lost the discipline to keep fit. haha joke of the day, i pant after climbing a short flight of stairs.

5. be friendly

i’ve been seriously lazy to interact in these few years. and i don’t like it. hopefully in 2013, ill be able to move out of my comfort zone to be a friendlier person 🙂

6. Judge lesser

Be kinder.. If I judge others lesser, ill probably judge myself lesser.. And I’ll be happier?? I hope..

7. Embark on a Project365

basically taking pictures on a daily basis to chronicle my year


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