Swiss Cottage

On Saturday last week, I went back to Swiss Cottage, my secondary school for a carnival, which main purpose is to raise fund for the 50th anniversary dinner next year. I was really glad to be able to catch up with my old classmates and some teachers. 
Ivy and Huiyin 
Bifen and Yongqi 
 Myself, Bifen, Yongqi, Teo Sian
Though there were’t many friends from my classes who attended, it was great to have spoken to these to came. My math teacher who now is the Vice Principal of the school also introduced the haunted house of the carnival to us, so the troopers (myself, Bifen, Yongqi, and Teo Sian) went to have a go at it. We were grouped into groups of 6, so 2 other boys were placed in our group. They are probably 12 or younger and were very scared while we were inside the haunted house. Yongqi is a well-known screamer and I am a person who really dislikes horror shows and haunted houses. So along with the boys, Yongqi and I screamed aloud in the haunted house. I kept calling out for Teo Sian because he was the bravest and was our protector. Very thankful for him to be around. 
Poor guy who has to manually turn the wheels to move the people in the obstacle. 
Examination Countdown board to the N-Level and O-Level examinations. Swiss Cottage is still the mugger of the school. 

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