First (or not so first) post

Hello world (mainly to myself) since this is a new blog.
Anyway this isnt my first blog, ive tried blogging for 5 years previously but took a really long break and ive also tried to create a shared blog with my boyfriend. We both kinda struggled to post regularly in that blog. Maybe cause once i blog, i expect to see one entry from him too. And thus there was a whole lot of procrastination and it kinda became not enjoyable anymore.
The reason why i decided to blog again is because ive read some articles that mentioned that blogging/writing diaries is a good way for people to grow, which i think makes sense since it allows people to reflect upon their lives while blogging. So here i am, blogging at a similar handle. lovling – love, ling.
I’m looking forward to having fun sharing about my life with myself :O or any reader out there once again! So check this space out! đŸ™‚

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