bangkok again

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bangkok is fast becoming one of my favourite places to visit.

i like thai food. i can buy nice clothes there. the ppl are friendly. what’s not to love about bangkok?

some of the new and favourite places i hung out at are:

Rosabieng Restaurant

which sells good good food and is train themed, perfect for families with little boys. it is quiet too, a plus point for me.

– Bangkok Fashion for tailored shirts at Nana

– Mango Tango

After You Dessert Cafe

Somtam Nua (not pictured)


3 years.

for our 3rd anniversary, edgar and i went to the newly opened Adventure Cove at Sentosa for water activities. it is a water theme park and the key highlights of the theme park were the Rainbow Reef and the Adventure River. the rainbow reef is where you can snorkel and see fishes in the water while the adventure river is the lazy river that has a short segment of transparent tunnel where you can see the fishes swimming around. 


for dinner, we went to il lido for italian dining. edgar knows i love pasta and thus he decided to bring me for fine dining this special occasion.



didnt like the appetiser


love the fish, love the pasta, love the banana brûlée 

wouldn’t mind going again, but have to admit it’s not cheap. 

Bangkok Photo Diary

Headed to Bangkok in January this year with 2 of my project groupmates from my last semester at SMU. Planned this trip because our project was a tie up with Scoot and they managed to fly free to Bangkok during the semester for our project. They had so much fun and I too, wanted to join in the fun, so off to Bangkok we go!

Key highlights of the trip included heading to Chatuchak, watching the Ping Pong Show, and seeing Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and friends as they happened to visit the same show that we did. Ian Somerhalder actually made a comment about the show to my group after the performers completed one of their acts. Being the shy person that I am, I did not even dare to say ‘Hi’ to them. Imagine my regret after they left. 😦

Some pictures from the trip..

IMG_9619 IMG_9620 copy

IMG_9623 copyIMG_9626 copy IMG_9628 copy IMG_9632muah! love thai food! 🙂



one thing that I truly regret about after graduating is that while studying, i didn’t even managed to pick up any photoshop skill, despite being in that fluffy project heavy environment. not to mention, my major was actually marketing! Photoshop is pretty important in this arena huh?

therefore, i have decided to pick up photoshop while i am yet jobless. i’ve been looking up on youtube for photoshop tutorials but i cannot seem to find a tutorial that teaches people to put different objects together on a page!! hence i reckon, why not just try putting different objects on diff layers and see what happens! And tadah! The image above happened… Haha on hindsight, my search term on youtube now seems rather stupid. lol. it’s pretty easy. And I’m pretty proud though it’s something rather simple.

So while i’m at it, i might as well start sharing my shopping list – ABCS! All the items on the image are from asos, and they are kinda on my wishlist now!

from the top left hand corner, going clockwise.

scarf, turbanbikini, heels, dress, concealer, foundation

the rimmel wake me up foundation and concealer have been hugely raved by my favourite youtube makeup artist, Tanya Burr. too bad, rimmel is no longer available in singapore 😦 hence since i saw these on asos, im thinking i might be getting them online! 🙂

Taiwan Photo Diary / Part 1

So I went to Taiwan for a week of holiday in December last year with my mum and sister. The weather wasn’t terribly cold (coldest day was about 8 deg c) but I wore my boots over because I am not a good cold weather-bearer.

As we went with a tour group, there wasn’t that much of exploration, mostly just following through with the places that are supposedly more well known in Taiwan. Truthfully speaking though, I cannot remember the names of most of the places I went to. When you are following a tour group, you tend to just sleep on the bus and alight when the tour guide tells you to (speaking from personal experience. HAHA.).


Mandatory shot at the airport with the xmas decor



For the first meal, we had soya bean and pancake.






And then we headed to ……. i cannot remember the name…. Some memorial hall.



The tour guide told us that these people who were selected to march were painstakingly chosen based on their tall height and light weight. They have to be a of a certain build else they wouldn’t look good to the visitors. Later on after the visit, many in the tour group complained that they didn’t look as petite as the guide has said they ought to be. Many felt that they were a little plump.




Seriously.. I did quite a number of jumpin/jumpshots during the trip. Pretty much all were unsuccessful by the way. Need some better photographers!


Somehow I feel like there’s some resemblance between my mum and I in this picture. Weird cause I seldom feel this way.


Next up, we headed to Shilin Official Residence (I went to google for the name. good job me!), which was former president Chiang Kai Shek’s residence. There was essentially a huge garden, a small church, and their house in there.






My mum was actually quite a poser. I remember seeing pictures of her in her younger teenage days where she used to pose and model the clothes she was wearing.





Really?? Angry birds?? Existing everywhere to appeal to kids. I’ve never liked the game. EVER.. Perhaps it’s too hard for me. Physics and all. hahaha.





A good hair day. That’s something to be thankful for,right?



Whenever I travel, I tend to face this issue of taking many pictures on the first day and then become super lazy to capture pictures in the subsequent days.

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

Over the weekend, we headed to Sentosa to try out the iFly indoor sky diving. Got a groupon deal for it and it was actually my belated Christmas present from Edgar. 🙂

iFlyers for the day










Us with our flying cert 🙂

I would admit that I was pretty nervous prior to my flight. To the extent that I was kinda trembling. I always become timid right before something is about to happen; just like when we went to the Wavehouse last year to try surfing.

We got to try two rounds, each lasting about 45s-1min. Was by no means long, but fun throughout. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind going again in the future to try different stunts haha.

I’m very happy that Edgar and I have been trying out different activities though. It definitely helps the relationship by building special memories together. Also, I think it somewhat helps me to become more adventurous in activities. I always hate riding on roller coasters. And maybe, just maybe, through going for activities like such, I might one day be brave enough to take the roller coaster willingly, or even to try the real sky diving. 🙂

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (in advance)

Edgar brought me to the Quincy Hotel last weekend to celebrate my upcoming birthday on the 23rd of January. I turn 21 this year. 😀 😀 There is a weekend promotion going on.


It was a rainy day, all day long. Nonetheless we had fun; baking cupcakes, watching movies on my trusty macbook, eating, roaming around Orchard, swimming, and going to the sauna. Essentially we spent 24h together side by side and I loved it!

^Promotion includes meals (lunch, dinner, next day breakfast).
^Prepping for our complimentary baking class from the hotel

^Free recipe!!
^Mummy bringing her child to hotel for a staycation too!
^Next up, piping class! 
^Had a mini competition with rest of the baking class participants on producing the most nicely decorated cupcake 
^Here’s us with our decorated cupcakes and the mango puree cupcakes that we baked from scratch. 

^Had a mini celebration for all the January babies who went to the hotel to celebrate their birthdays.
^Last picture before we left the hotel. 
On the side note, my camera lens is really dirty. Need to get it cleaned asap. 
**imported the posts from blogger and it seems that my images have become super low res upon import. 😦